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JoTita Gonçalves

Never allow that some small problem becomes a big problem. Small problems we tend to delay or ignore for a while but after, instead of something insignificant we can have something pretty serious. Big problems we tend to resolve with no hesitation, but small ones, well... only when they are big enough to get noticed… 😒

JoTita Gonçalves

Tonight I was unable to sleep a wink and, I found myself thinking about things that make me crazy … I am increasingly shocked by the news I hear, and I wonder where this world will end?! Despite being about to make a comparison at first sight 'stupid', understanding why and the reasons behind it will help it to make perfect sense … (at least for me it does!)

JoTita Gonçalves

Life, although short or long, has so many lessons to teach us … Each day brings its own concerns, it is true, but the fact that every day is made up of new battles that sometimes makes us fragile and sometimes strengthens us!

JoTita Gonçalves

“I feel an immense pain in my chest, an endless …

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