Dummy Article for testing – Choose a Ratio for Macro or Close-Up Photography

In most cases, the difference between macro and close-up photography doesn’t matter. When you have the ability to get extremely close to your subjects, you can reveal smaller details, and photograph smaller subjects, but how close you get to a subject is relative to its size and your message. Closer isn’t always better.

Beautiful Sun Flower

One of your main jobs as a photographer is to make compositional decisions based on how you want to represent the entire scene. Getting in as tight as possible maximizes the amount of detail but cuts down on much of the surrounding details in a scene.

Flower Picture

The figure was photographed based on creating the best composition possible, which required a magnification ratio somewhere between 1:2 and 1:3. Truthfully, you needn’t even consider the magnification level when composing the shot. If the composition had been chosen based solely on creating a 1:1 ratio, many of the interesting elements would have been cropped out.

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