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Life, although short or long, has so many lessons to teach us … Each day brings its own concerns, it is true, but there is a fact that every day is made up of new battles and those sometimes make us fragile and sometimes strengthen us!

Who has ever managed to arrange a whole day without anything ‘escaping’ what was planned??? I am someone who programs everything in detail and I can guarantee that the more I try to do what I have outlined; the more things go the other way! That is why I have always been told that it is not worthwhile programming anything (but it is stronger than me !!!). Life is a beautiful example of this … We all like to feel safe, confident and that we have everything under control. Who can look back and realize, if today, they have the job that they dreamed of since the age of 4 or 5? Doctor, teacher, actress, …? We all tend to, at one time or another, try to make long-term plans … but what about these? Everything rarely goes as intended, but we are still delighted when the result is as expected or better! Often it is the ‘unforeseen’ that help us to grow, that show us the way to go and, usually, bring us opportunities that we might never have otherwise … How many times do we realize that, although we really like to do something, we are much more fulfilled people if we do a completely
different one? What really matters in the end is to be well with ourselves and with our choices … everything else is props (as I usually say) … Doing something just because others want us to do it will never bring us complete happiness, if it’s not our choice!

All experiences make us unique, singular and exclusive people. Each bad experience served as a stepping stone to be what we are, each good experience helped us to establish our personality and to feel rewarded for the decisions made … In my view, to drift or feel a little ‘lost ‘for a while, it is not all bad because it’s part of our essence and helps us to visualize things differently and consider other possible options (everyone has moments like that)!

When we look in the mirror and like what we see, it cannot be superficial, it is not just the appearance, the social status, the goods acquired … but the person we are inside! What is the benefit of having all the ‘good and the best’ and being selfish or not having friends with whom to share our daily lives – defeats and victories? Is it worth anything? I ask. And the opposite – having little but feeling loved and fulfilled (at least being content that you did all you could)?

I love being alone and I am used to do everything this way, but I do not deny that, from time to time, I like to exchange some ideas, opinions and even words of affection for those who deserve it on my part. We are human and social beings, so living this way is part of our natural behaviour. It is good to be kind and humble people, because at least we do what we can to be better people, and the fact that we always admit our mistakes helps a lot in our growth and the way we win battles, I usually do say that this is half done! Being a good and humble person is not synonymous with being ‘dumb’, that the other people speak to us and we just listen without contest, that they demean us and we do not defend ourselves, … Nothing like that!!! Everything has its space and respect is very beautiful! A humble person is not, and never will be, someone who is characterized by weakness and lack of personality. On the contrary, it takes a strong personality to be able to show humility and to make it stands out among all the other virtues and defects! Qualities are acquired, they are not innate for that, just as everything in life requires effort, commitment and dedication on our part! Each one of us is what we decided to be and had to fight for! We cannot live in anyone’s shadow, behind a name, a reputation, … (in the good and the bad sense). Nothing like that! If we want to change, everything is at our disposal, just enough willpower, determination and a lot of courage, because nothing is easy … But if we want to be given an opportunity, we have to demonstrate that we really deserve it and, before anyone helps us, we have to take the first step and think and believe that we are capable! We all learn and teach something daily because this is the cycle of life (I have never heard anyone say that “so and so died and already knew all the answers” – not even the history skulls and genius) so each one of us must cultivate humility and put it into practice when it is necessary to correct our mistakes, without trying to excuse them!!!

Tomorrow can be better, it depends on what we have done yesterday and what we are willing to do today!!!

CHANGE is within everyone’s reach – and it’s better than diet!!!

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