Small things…

Never allow that some small problem becomes a big problem. Small problems we tend to delay or ignore for a while but after, instead of something insignificant we can have something pretty serious. Big problems we tend to resolve with no hesitation, but small ones, well… only when they are big enough to get noticed… 😒

I start to have a little discomfort in my throat – I ignore it, doesn’t bother me that much. After, the discomfort gets a bit annoying but doesn’t bother me that much. A sore throat starts…doesn’t bother me that much. It starts to bother me, I take something from pain or discomfort, doesn’t bother me that much. The problem persists for a few days already, hmm, I still can do my normal life,  doesn’t bother me that much.  Days, weeks pass by and the problem is not anymore a problem, it’s something that I got used to, doesn’t bother me that much.

Later on, a headache starts. Well, now the sore throat starts to bother me a bit, but still doesn’t bother me enough. After a while, as the headache becomes a migraine I start to think why did this headache start? I start to analyze all different situations, try to put things together to find a possible reason… After all my energy lost, I start to think, wait a minute, I had a sore throat for months and I never asked why did it start, I never bothered enough to ask any question at all. So, actually, I think that what in my mind didn’t bother me, in my unconscious bothered me too much! Probably, if i would heal the sore throat the headache would not come and would not been a migraine.

Little things kill me slowly and take all the good things i have. At the same time, ignore little things don’t fix them, but make them worst. I should question every little thing and reason about it, as i would do if instead the little problem would be a big one. One little thing fixed becomes nothing, but one little thing unfixed becomes a lot of little unfixed things. All this little things together can become an unsolved problem forever – like a snow ball just grows as it rolls and the time pass by.

The thing is, how small or big the problem is, how big or small the consequences will be…

If you start a fire without intention or by mistake, you tend to extinguish it straight away, you don’t wait until it becomes bigger to justify calling the fireman. So, in the same way, small things matter. All big things were already, someday, small ones.

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