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Smile vs look

If you really want to know how I’m doing, look me in the eyes and don’t look at my smile. The smile is the most false and easy way to disguise someone.

When I’m fine – I smile; when I’m worried – I smile; when I’m sad – I smile; … at any time – I smile, even with tears in my eyes – I smile!

My eyes are the mirror of the soul – they do not deceive, they do not lie and they cannot be falsified. In each situation they have a different ‘look’: when I am well and happy – they are big and bright; when I am sad and worried – they are dull, far away, staring into emptiness; when very discouraged (and alone) – the tears form small ‘floods’ that may or may not leak / fall, but that are still present.

So I tell you, if you really want to know how I’m doing, don’t be fooled by a smile, but try to decipher a look!!!

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